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Shrikaya Lemon Apricot Face Wash 100ML


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Product Description

Shrikaya Lemon Apricot Face wash, gently exfoliates your skin and cleanses out oil and acne. It removes dirt, oil and dead skin cells. Have a clear vibrant skin with our lemon apricot face wash today!

  1. Lemon Apricot face wash unclogs pores to reveal a softer and smooth skin. It deeply revitalises and cleanses out your skin making it clean and supple.
  2. Lemon Apricot Face Wash contains aloe vera, that not only moisturises but works for the smoothening of your skin.
  3. Lemon Apricot also has the magical benefits of basil(tulsi), it primarily focuses on acne reduction and lightening of skin tone.
  4. The combination is determined to give you 2 things primarily deeply cleanse your skin for a clear skin and at the same time provide moisture and a natural glow.


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