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Shrikaya Gold Facial Kit

ShriKaya Gold Facial Kit focuses to give you a radiating glow! while reducing tanning, blemish, excess oil & acne.


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Product Description

Shri Kaya Gold Facial Kit focuses to give you a radiating glow! while reducing tanning, blemish, excess oil & acne.

  1. Shri Kaya Facial Kit consists of : 5 easy steps that you can do at home, first step is deep shri kaya gold cleansing gel, then we use our shri kaya gold facial scrub that takes out dirt and particles. once your deep cleansing is done your skin is ready for deep moisturization and nourishment for the reduction of your acne and tanning we start with our shri kaya massage cream. We then move to our face pack that locks in the herbs that will not only revitalise but nourish your skin and lock the benefits in your skin. After the pack you apply our shri kaya moisturiser that not only moisturizes your skin but deeply nourishes it.
  2. Shri Kaya Cleansing Gel is a soothing deeply nourishing gel that makes your skin brighten and cleanses excess oil and acne.
  3. Shri Kaya Facial Scrub exfoliates your skin. it is a crafted from natural scrubbing agents that deeply cleanse your skin naturally. our scrub is a mixer of amazing herbs while scrubbing they add multiple benefits to your skin.
  4. Shri Kaya Massage cream is the start of your focused nourishment that not only reduces your blemish but focuses on tan reduction . it deeply nourishes your skin with natural herbs entering your deeply cleansed and scrubbed skin locking in its nourishment to make your skin radiant.
  5. Shri Kaya Face Pack works as a final nourishment lock for your skin. It enhances your skin making it look clear and glowing while making sure the benefits stay locked in your skin for maximum number of time. While shri kaya face pack consistently revitalising your skin with its herbs.
  6. Shri Kaya moisturiser works as our natural touch up for your skin by providing your skin the nourishment and required moisture to keep your skin intact and beautiful for a long time.
  7. By the end of the facial you feel the skin softer, more radiant and less tanned. you will feel like a new person as we cleanse out your skin a new you comes out with it. A more confident more radiant skin!


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