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Who We Are?

“SHRIKAYA” word is the combination of two words, SHRI- used as respect & KAYA – means your body.

In the race of life, it has become difficult for everyone to take out time to keep their skin healthy. As a result, they rely on synthetic products, which make false claims to make their skin better in a few days, leaving their skin dead and dry.

To protect your skin & body naturally, we are introducing “SHRIKAYA” an international brand for the last 10 years. Now, Shrikaya starts its Indian operation by incorporating traditional herbs with advanced scientific techniques as well as ancient ayurveda knowledge in their formulations. The products have been formulated  according to Indian customers’ needs “Our aim is to give natural driven elegant products with advanced scientific ayurvedic expertise. Our all products legacy is dependent on the purity of ingredients, no chemicals, no added preservatives, no added colors, paraben-free, phthalate-free, cruelty-free, no testing on animals, Sulfate-free, Toxin free, dermatology tested, Eco-certified ingredients, vegan & FDA approved.

Our all formulations are approved by the AYUSH Department & manufactured by WHO- GMP approved unit. Our mission is always to believe in the trust & transparency of the products.

SHRIKAYA - Be Young Always

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